Exiting your business or your job ?

Guide to Business Exit Coaching

Over the years, we have seen many changes in the business world with even some start-ups attracting interest from bigger companies. There is a growing need for experienced professionals to work with the founders.

Essentially, there are some key areas where the exit coach comes in handy both before and after the exit.

Exit ExperienceSince very few directors have been through an exit, this process can be long, drawn out, and frustrating.

Coaches and business Founders – Ultimately, there is a key difference between boards and coaches in that the latter is purely for the Founder as opposed to the shareholders. Coaches are independent contractors and will stay on a month-to-month basis as long as they are considered necessary by the Founder or the Company.

Speed of the Market – Nowadays, companies can reach selling point in less than 10 years of starting. Since large companies buy the smaller businesses, it is tough for new ventures to stand-alone. Therefore, everything needs to move fast.

Although the concept of exit coaching is still relatively new, it is slowly gaining traction and is proving to be an efficient option for many companies.