Exit-coaching.com is a trade name of SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises Ltd a social enterprise company performing business services to support social causes. Registered office: Harben House, Harben Parade, London, NW3 6LH

What is Coaching ?
About the future, solutions focused, outcomes driven, client holds the answers and can articulate their own resolutions, having been asked the right questions;  often in
the context of their business/issue. Often short term relationships. Coaching is not about giving ‘advice or recommendations’ or focusing on past issues its about moving forward with better quality of life.

According to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and their Ethical code:
It is written that the Coach will at all times operate within the limits
of their own competence, recognize where that competence has the potential
to be exceeded and where necessary refer the client to a more experienced coach
or another professional.

What about confidentiality ?

Absolutely, everything discussed is kept strictly confidential.

What we provide ?

Some Insight, Maturity and Reflection to help with a way forward.

-Our packages start from £500 for 3 initial sessions.

-Ongoing coaching £200 per session in batches of 5 units.

– Coaching training seminars, including coaching practice sessions for your staff using GROW model and reflective feedback for up to 20 people. – Please contact us for a quote.

In our first session we will discuss what is being coached  and how we are going to measure it.